Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Edgewater - United in Hope (Interfaith Memorial on Sept. 11, 2011)

Edgewater residents gathered on Sept. 11th at the Clark Street Fire Station near Ridge to remember not only the nation’s tragedy but also Chicago police and firemen who were killed in the line of duty this past year. A bell was rung after each name was read by their commanding officer. Cdr. Lucy Moy-Barstok, 20th Police District had the sad duty of reading the most names. Thankfully there were no losses in the 24th Police District. Each of Edgewater's religious leaders, Christian, Jew and Muslim, read a pledge to peace in our community. They were organized by the Edgewater Community Religious Association (ECRA). The shofar was blown by Rabbi Michael Zedek of Emanuel Congregation and the Emanuel Junior Choir sang under the direction of Ruthie Seidner. Colors were presented by the students of Rickover Naval Academy. The Chicago Fire Department bagpipers opened and closed the ceremony with renditions of God Bless America and America the Beautiful. Alderman Patrick J. O’Conner (40) gave the keynote address, stressing the need to live together but also maintaining our alertness. The outdoor ceremony was organized by Alderman Harry Osterman (48) and Alderman Patrick J. O’Conner (40) in cooperation with ECRA. Fire Department Grounds were decorated with US flags and other historical banners which are still on display. Read more and see more photos at Edgeville Buzz. This story adapted with corrections. Photo credit: Edgewater – United in Hope. Tracy Poyser, PhotoART

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